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About us

Promoción brand is a successful part of company named Žicakond, with over 18 years of experience in promoting brands and developing market with our clients. We established in 1998. as a small company in order to fulfill the tasks to the underdeveloped areas of the market and promote products. Our production process contains various technologies; production of raw wire, modifying and cutting metal profiles and sheets, spot MIG, MAG and TIG welding, processing polymers to the digital press, etc. In a highly competitive retail environment, we understand the need to differentiate your product from the crowd and attract consumer attention. Our in-store marketing expertise in designing and manufacturing custom designed metal POS displays will help you with that task. Our displays are designed to meet specific marketing objectives and use both creative structural and graphic design to maximise brand impact and increased sales.

We offer single source solutions with a high level of expertise in creative development, engineering, printing and manufacturing — providing full service. Also, offering free sample/prototype to every potential client. Each project is unique, and our Promoción design team will work with you through every step, ensuring you receive the optimal solution for your requirements.

We are specialists in POS industry. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Our mission is to isolate your product from the competition.

What we do?

izrada pos materijala

Production of POS (displays, shelves, etc…)

zrada tehnickog crteza

Technical drawings for material optimization

izrada resenja, prototipa

Developing ideas / prototypes, samples

3d modelovanje

3D modeling / Rendering

dizajn enterijera

Interior design



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